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Private lecturer Dr. Uwe Konerding

Empirical Research Methods and Statistics for Medicine, Psychology, Health, and Social Issues:

Counselling and Support

Modes of Cooperation: Qualification Theses

     Types of cooperation

Types of cooperation: Qualification theses

I assist in producing your qualification theses. The way in which I am doing this depends first of all on the regulations pertaining to the qualification in question. In the case of bachelor and master theses my assistance will restrict on counselling. This counselling may pertain to all parts of the thesis and to all phases of the process of producing the thesis, i.e. to the processing of literature, to the development and formulation of the research question, to study design and study conduction, to the statistical analyses and to the presentation of the results in the thesis. The latter means that I would read and comment preliminary versions of the thesis. In the case of cumulative doctor or post-doctoral lecturer qualifications I could also contribute as official co-author in single publications.

Last modification: 2023/June/11