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Private lecturer Dr. Uwe Konerding

Empirical Research Methods and Statistics for Medicine, Psychology, Health, and Social Issues:

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Service Modules: Data Analysis (Statistics)

     Service Modules

Service Modules: Data Analysis (Statistics)

The module "Data analysis (statistics)" refers both to data from own empirical studies and to register data. In the context of this module I offer all statistical analyses which are required for accompanying psycho-social research, evaluation and outcome measurement in the health and in the social setting. This includes:

  • Descriptive statistics (e.g. percentages, modal values, medians, means, variances, standard deviations

  • Group comparisons with regard to single variables (e.g. Chi-square-tests, median-tests, Kruskal-Wallis-test, t-tests, analyses of variance)

  • Analyses referring to relationships between two variables (e.g. coefficients of contingency, Kendall's Tau, product-moment-correlation, bivariate logistic regression, bivariate cumulative logistic regression, multiple logistic regression)

  • Analyses with one dependent and more than one independent variables (e.g. multiple logistic regression, multiple cumulative logistic regression, multiple linear regression)

  • Multi-level-analyses in combination with logistic, cumulative logistic and linear regression

  • Discriminant analyses

  • Cluster analyses

  • Simple test-theoretical analyses (e.g. item difficulty, item-total correlation, internal consistency)

  • Test-theoretical analyses with item-response-models (e.g. Rasch-analysis)

  • Factor analyses

  • Imputation of missing values

Depending on your wishes I either perform the analyes myself or advice you how to perform them..

Last modification: 2023/June/11