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Private lecturer Dr. Uwe Konerding

Empirical Research Methods and Statistics for Medicine, Psychology, Health, and Social Issues:

Counselling and Support


Projects funded by public organisations

Current projects

  • P-SUP ("Personalized self-management support-program", project for improving disease management programs, funded by the G-BA) (internet presentation)

Finished projects

  • Managed Outcomes (EU-Project concerned with optimising health care) (internet presentation)

  • Methodological analyses concerning the construction of indices in measurement of health related quality of life (publication: accepted version; published version)

  • Investigation concerning the determinants of a move to permanent stay in a care home in dementia patients (together with Jens Bohlken und Thomas Kohlmann) (publication)

  • Investigation concerning the behaviour of blood donors (together with Ariane Sümnig, Thomas Kohlmann und Andreas Greinacher) (publication)

  • Methodological analyses concerning the conceptions of health applied in different instruments for measuring health related quality of life (together with Jörn Moock und Thomas Kohlmann) (publication: accepted version; published version)

  • Analyses concerning the Voice Handicap Index (together with Tadeus Nawka) (publication)

  • Investigation concerning the features of blood donors zu Merkmalen von Blutspendern (together with Norbert Lubenow, Ulf Alpen, Kathrin Bezold,Wolfgang Hoffmann,Thomas Kohlmann und Andreas Greinacher) Poster

  • Investigation concerning the determinants of health related behaviour in type 2 diabetics (together with Julia Grempler, Katharina Lange, Kathrin Bezold und Lieselotte von Ferber) (publication)

  • Analyses of data of SHIP (SHIP = "Study of Health in Pomerania", a major epidemiological study concerning life and health in Western Pomerania, a region with about 220.000 inhabitants) (publication)

  • Investigation for validating the Vitality Diagnostics Device (together with Jens Thonack und Thomas Kohlmann)

  • Evaluation of an intervention for smoke prevention in the secondary modern school (together with Evelyn Plamper) (publication)

Projects funded by industrial companies

  • Investigation concerning the interrater reliability of stroboscopy evaluations (together with Tadeus Nawka) (publication: accepted version; published version)

  • Various systematic reviews, meta-analyses and HTA-reports, especially in context with assessment procedures of the IQWIG (Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen [Institute for quality and efficiency in the health system])

Last modification: 2023/June/9