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Private lecturer Dr. Uwe Konerding

Empirical Research Methods and Statistics for Medicine, Psychology, Health, and Social Issues:

Counselling and Support



The costs depend upon the mode of cooperation. There are, of course, no costs for the partners in common research projects. There is no charge for the contribution to fund-raising. If the project is granted, the project work will be financed by the project budget. There are charges for contract research and for counselling and support regarding qualification theses. Depending on the kind of service either a fixed price for a clearly defined achievement can be agreed upon or the service will be charged per hour. The charge per hour is 100.--€ with value added tax included. There is a special tariff of 70.--€ per hour for the counselling regarding bachelor and master theses. Both the achievement to be rendered and the kind of payment will be agreed upon before acceptance of the order in a gratuitous talk. This talk will be performed either via email or via telephone.

Last modification: 2023/June/09